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In a way, having pain is a good thing. Pain is not fun to experience, but you need to understand that pain is a signal indicating that something is wrong in your body. It tells you that your body needs some help to reach normal equilibrium again. When equilibrium is reached, the pain will naturally go away. So pain is good because it tells you that something is wrong, and that you need to do something to fix it.

Most causes of pain in the human body come from soft-tissue dysfunction. Soft-tissue dysfunctions include:

  • Damaged or torn tissue
  • Tissue that is stuck together (i.e. adhesions)
  • Tissue that is contracted and cannot lengthen normally
  • Inflamed tissue
  • Ischemic tissue (i.e. lacking proper nutrition and blood flow)
  • Atrophied tissue (i.e. tissue that has wasted away or shrunk)
  • Tissue with trigger points or tender points
  • Tissue that is compressed by other structures
  • Nerve compression/entrapment

In all of these cases, if you can correct what is wrong, the pain will go away.

Current medical philosophy seems to prescribe pain-killers as the main relief from pain. Taking pain-killers are good for blocking out the pain signals. Unfortunately, pain-killers usually do nothing to eliminate the source of the issue... that which is causing the pain signals to be sent in the first place. Unless you eliminate the source of pain, pain will continue and further damage may occur.

The other option usually presented by doctors is surgery.  In the case of a torn tendon or ligament, surgery is usually the correct answer... but for cases where tissue is stuck, inflamed, or contracted, surgery is not a good option.  All surgery creates scar tissue, and scar tissue usually shrinks as it matures, pulling on all the structures around it.  This can cause a re-occurrence of the original problem, or possibly a new problem.  If there is an alternative to surgery, or a non-invasive way to treat your soft-tissue problem, then it is usually the better solution.  Thankfully soft tissue responds very well to manual manipulation as provided in a treatment massage session.

Pain also has interesting phenomena that occur if it goes unchecked. These phenomena are explained by Pfluger's (5) Laws - which basically state... As a sensory nerve is stimulated in an irritating manner, then irritation and pain will start at the area of stimulation. Given enough time with the irritating stimulation, more of the nervous system becomes involved, which can spread irritation/pain not only to the other side of the body, but can lead to irritation/pain all over the body. In other words... If a nerve has been irritated for long enough, then the pain will start to spread throughout the whole body.

Treatment massage works because the focus is on locating and eliminating the source of pain. This is accomplished by:

  • Restoring proper circulation to and from the tissue
  • Removing restrictions from the soft-tissue
  • Lengthening out tissue that is contracted
  • Reducing/eliminating trigger points and tender points
  • Reducing compression by other structures
  • Freeing up the structures that cause nerve compression/entrapment

The massage therapy I provide you will be goal-oriented, result-based, corrective therapy. I get consistent and measurable results for my clients. If you are tired of dealing with the pain, and your therapy up to this point has failed you, you need to give me a call. I have helped numerous people that have tried everything else in the medical system, and still suffered... until the came to see me.

Choose not to suffer any longer! Pick up the phone and call (206) 234-9929 to make an appointment.

All material copyright 1999 - 2019
by Mark Pearlscott and Treatment Massage.

Treatment Massage - The Injury and Pain Relief Clinic
4500 9th Avenue NE, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98105
All material copyright 1999 - 2019
by Mark Pearlscott and Treatment Massage.

Treatment Massage - The Injury and Pain Relief Clinic
4500 9th Avenue NE, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98105