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Mark Pearlscott, BS, LMT, BCSI, ATSI, NMT (WA Lic# MA00012592)

Thank you for your interest in me and my background... read on to learn more!

Philosophy of Healing

I have studied (and continue to study) many forms of manual therapy and soft tissue manipulation.  It is a passion of mine.  Among all the material and texts I have read, among all my experiences of working on people and having had work myself, among conversations with peers and my teachers, and among the other various studies I have done... I am looking for the common thread and the underlying truth.  What works to relieve chronic pain, restore someone after injury, help create a easier body, and why does it work?  Also, what methods work best and most efficiently?


The more I learn, the more I want to share what I have learned about the body with other people.   Why are so many people suffering with unnecessary chronic pain?  Part of the answer is a lack of good information.  I want to share knowledge of how and why the body experiences pain, and how one can relieve the pain.  I have difficulty understanding why this information and set of skills are not taught in schools to our children.  Information about how to keep our bodies healthy and free from pain is not currently common knowledge... but it should be.


Learn, Heal, Share...

Portrait of Mark Pearlscott

My Background

I majored in Biology at undergraduate college due to my interest and fascination with the way living creatures are structured and function. After achieving my bachelor in science, I worked in various job positions. Each one taught me a new set of skills that would help me in my future occupation. After a number of years in these other jobs, I decided that I needed to contemplate my personal goals, and create a new career path. Through introspection I discovered that I wanted to become a massage therapist and help people to heal and eliminate pain.


I enrolled and attended classes at Seattle Massage School (which became Ashmead College, and now is called Everest Institute), finishing their massage program in February of 1999 with a 4.0 grade point average. I passed the state and national exams the following month, and became a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in the state of Washington.


My clinical focus is on eliminating pain (chronic pain and acute pain cases), injury rehabilitation, and correcting alignment including soft tissue dysfunction (e.g. poor posture) for my clients. I feel that this work is very important to improving the quality of life for each individual, and helping them live life to the fullest.  I continue to study and research along this path.


My studies are a mix of individual classes along with some more significant training programs (such as Paul St. John's Neuromuscular therapy in 2006, or the Kinesis Myofascial Integration/Anatomy Trains Structural Integration in 2011).  You can see a list of formal study below in my Continuing Education.

In addition, I continue to learn and take classes... since learning is continuous.

I find that I am also at a point in my career where I have some really good information to share.  To that end, my push in the future is to write a book on taking care of the body from a fascia stretching perspective, and possibly some training seminars along that path as well.

Continuing Education


Continuing education is a way for massage therapists and bodyworkers to continue to enhance our skills and to explore new avenues of healing.


How things cycle around in our lives is pretty interesting.  My very first continuing education course was in Cranial Sacral Therapy back in 1999 with the Upledger Institute.  Now, from Sept. 2020 through Dec. 2022 I will be participating in a Certification course in Cranial Sacral Therapy.  Who knew?  I am excited that it is being taught by one of my favorite teachers, Lauren Christman.  She has not only skills and teaching experience in Cranial Sacral Therapy, but also in Structural Integration as well.  I look forward to learning these new skills, as well as learning how to integrate Cranial Sacral Therapy and Structural Integration together.

What courses have I already taken?  Here is a list:

  • Supporting the Brain: Concussion, Migraine & Centralized Pain - taught by Lauren Christman

  • Body Rewilding: An Approach to Structural Integration Movement - taught by Ruthie Fraser

  • An Energy Medicine Approach to Structural Integration - taught by Jean Louise Green

  • A Neuroimmune Approach to Structural Integration - taught by Michael Shapiro

  • An easy and effective nerve treatment method - taught by Jeffery Burch

  • The Use in Structural Integration of an Original Andrew Taylor Still Osteopathic Technique - taught by Jeffery Burch

  • Visceral Listening - taught by Lauren Christman

  • Talking to the Heart and the Birth of Love - taught by Etienne Peirsman

  • Cranial Nerve Mobilization: Freeing the tethers - taught by Lauren Christman

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy (Core 1 - 4) - taught by Lauren Christman

  • Visceral Mobilization: Freeing fascial layers between the organs - taught by Lauren Christman and Richard Polishuk

  • Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy - taught by Lauren Christman

  • Simply Profound: Fascia in Movement - taught by Tom Myers and Karin Gurtner

  • Fascia in Sensori-Emotional Response - taught by Tom Myers and Dr. Robert Schleip

  • Mobilizing the Joints of the Shoulder Girdle - taught by John deMahy

  • Press Pause: A Deep Breath - taught by Tom Myers and Jill Miller

  • Spinal Therapeutics: A systems approach to vitality and personal agency - taught by Jonathan Martine and Suzanne Picard

  • The Shoulder Girdle: Support for Self-expression - taught by Mary Bond

  • See | Move | Feel: an Introduction to Aston Techniques - taught by Judith Aston and Brian Linderoth

  • Tensegrity Touch (Module 1) - taught by L. Bertolucci

  • Nerve Mobilization for Structural Integrators (Level 1) - taught by Kirstin Schumaker

  • A Fluidic Approach to the Treatment of Connective Tissue - taught by Jane Stark, DO.

  • Breast and Chest Massage - taught by Barabara Helynn Heard

  • The Tail End (pelvic floor) - taught by Sharon Wheeler

  • Pediatric Fascial Balancing for Newborns - taught by Laren Christman and Richard Polishuk.

  • The Art of Rolfing - taught by Sharron Wheeler.

  • Structural Integration for the cranium - taught by Sharron Wheeler.

  • Integrating Scar Tissue Into The Fascial Web - taught by Sharron Wheeler.

  • Bones - taught by Sharron Wheeler.

  • Cadaver Dissection Class - taught by Todd Garcia and Tom Myers.

  • Structural Integration, ATSI (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration) - taught by Lauren Christman and Larry Phipps.

  • Structural Integration of Head and Jaw - taught by Donna Bajelis.

  • Anatomy Trains (Myofascial Meridians) - taught by Lauren Christman.

  • Intra-oral Massage - taught by Lauren Christman and Richard Polishuk.

  • Connective Tissue (Web of structure, web of Chi) - taught by Deane Juhanne.

  • Paul St. John Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) 1 through 5 - taught by Denise Meyers.

  • Soft Tissue Release - taught by Stuart Taus.

  • The Art of Inner Seeing - taught by Robert Lester.

  • Advanced SOAP Charting - taught by Diane Thompson.

  • Introduction to Trager - taught by Jack Blackburn.

  • Upledger Institute Cranial Sacral Therapy 1 - taught by Mable Sharp.

  • Massage & Chiropractic: Effective Treatment Techniques - taught by Keith McGahey MD, and Jen Andresen.

  • Cadaver Anatomy - taught by Cathy Brinton, ND.


Personal Interests and Life

In addition to my Structural Integration/bodywork practice, and studies pertaining to body knowledge, I have other varied personal interests...


My wife and I have two children.  They keep us very busy.  I am constantly amazed by them, and their voracious appetite for life.  They continue to be a source of personal growth for me, stretching me as a parent and an individual... other parents will have some idea what I'm talking about.


I am an avid fan of stretching.  I started my practice of stretching in the modalities of yoga & Pilates, back in 2003 when I sustained a serious back injury. Yoga, Pilates, and massage helped me recover from my injury and kept me functioning.  Since then, I have launched into a different stretching practice.  This newer stretching practice of mine has been developed out of the body-knowledge gained in my Structural Integration practice.  I practice stretching regularly, and I continue to get stronger and more flexible.  This different style of stretching has become both practical, easy, and enjoyable. I can even fit it into the busy life that I have pretty easily.  When you come in, I'll start to teach you this style of stretching too!


I love hypnosis.  I was trained in hypnosis in 2015, and have used it since then to make many positive changes in my own life.  I really learned it for my own self-improvement, but I currently do offer hypnosis and NLP as a service to you and others.

To learn more about hypnosis, please check out my hypnosis website at:  https://www.UnconsciousChange.com


Starting in early 2021, I have been working on hypnosis audio programs, which will be available for purchase and download.  These programs will provide you with access to creating powerful positive change in the mind, without having to travel to an office... and no appointment needed.  Find the program you want; Purchase and Download. Find a safe comfortable spot, put on your headphones, hit play, then close your eyes and relax.

To learn more about my hypnosis audio programs, and to download them, go to:  https://www.Hypnosis4.me


I love a good book, especially one in which I am learning something.  I prefer non-fiction, science fiction, and fantasy the most.  I have at least one book going most of the time, but usually I am working on two or more simultaneously.  I like bouncing back and forth between them as I desire... it tends to keep things continually interesting.


Just like a good book, I enjoy a good movie.  I prefer most genres over drama.  Drama is often too close to real life, and I use movies to escape briefly from reality... unless I am watching a documentary.  I really enjoy a good documentary that fires up my imagination, and teaches me something useful.


Music can soothe the soul, and it does.  I love good music, and am currently into the genres of Rock, Industrial, and Ambient.  In my office, I tend to play ambient music to provide a gentle atmosphere that is in the background.  I also find ambient music great for getting things done at home too... it is less distracting.

I have enjoyed a variety of other hobbies in the past, but these days time is very limited.  I still enjoy a good book or movie however, and I fit these in on occasion.