Client information

Basic Information

Office Location: 4500 9th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98125.  You also might want parking information and how to find my office from the street.

Hours: Mon. - Fri., 9:30AM - 4:30PM.

Scheduling: Scheduling appointments is available online.  You can alternatively call or email as well.

Cost: $150 per hour.  Cash and credit cards accepted.

Phone: 206-234-9929

Fax: 206-829-2401 (make sure to put "Attn: Mark Pearlscott" or "Attn: Treatment Massage" to make sure I get your fax!)

What to bring:

  • Cash or Credit Card are accepted forms of payment.

  • Bring some underwear you are comfortable working in.  Bras are optional for women.  Underwear so in a session:

    • We can constantly analyze the body's structure and restrictive pattern, both when doing the visual assessment, and throughout the session.

    • Since we get clothing and fabric out of the way, this allows us to be more efficient, and get more work done in the same amount of time.

    • Provides better access to work on larger segments of your body at the same time.  Again, this increases our efficiency and productivity.

    • Working on skin allows me to work in a very sensitive way.  That sensitivity allows me to go into the most restricted parts, the most painful parts, and the deepest parts of the body in a more comfortable and manageable way for you.

To better understand how structural bodywork/integration differs from "regular" massage, please read "what to expect on your first appointment."


Intake Form: You can download the intake form, fill it out at home, and bring it to your first session.  Click here to download the intake form (PDF).

And if those bits did not answer your question, it may be in the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions).  Otherwise, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer your questions!

Allergy Notice

If you have allergies, then here is some information that might apply to your situation:

  • I do not use any lotion.

  • Since COVID-19, I have been using a commercial laundry service.  I do not know what kind of detergent or softener they use.  If you have had allergic reaction to detergents or fabric softeners, you could bring some sheets to your session (one flat twin sheet and a pillowcase washed in your detergent) or take a shower after your session.

  • All sheets are 100% Cotton, or a poly-cotton blend.

  • All blankets are 100% Polyester.

If you have any other allergy concerns that might be related to massage/bodywork, please contact me to discuss them.


What to Expect

If you are a new client, here is what to expect on your first appointment:

  • Health intake - This includes discussion of your health status, current and past. The health intake could take up to 20 minutes on your first session, but usually takes just a few minutes.

  • Visual assessment - I look at your body from the four major sides (front, left, back, right) while you stand, to determine where your body needs help to open up.

  • Massage/Bodywork/Structural Integration - The hands-on therapy part of the session.

  • Follow-up - After the massage, we will discuss your thoughts and feelings about the work. You might receive some self-care homework to help you along your road to recovery. I have found that clients that do the suggested homework recover and heal more quickly than those that do not. The follow-up time is also used to schedule any further appointments, and take care of payment.


After your appointment, you may experience some of the following:

  • You might be a little sore afterward. It should feel as though you went to work out at the gym, and usually last less than 24-48 hours. After the soreness from the bodywork has receded, you should be able to start feeling the benefits from the massage session (e.g. decreased pain, increased flexibility, more open, lightness, grounded).

  • If we are working on the neck or head, and if you have a current history of headaches on a fairly regular basis, a headache may be elicited by the work (though this is a rare occurrence).  Head and neck work most often relieve and eliminate headaches.

  • You could feel dehydrated. Massage moves fluid around the body, enhancing normal body processes such as circulation. I encourage you to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water so that your cells have enough water for metabolic and waste processes.  If you are already good about staying well hydrated, then you do not need to do anything different from your normal routine.  However, most of us are generally slightly dehydrated, without knowing it.  Drinking extra water won't hurt you either.

  • You could feel extra tired or extra relaxed afterward. Though rarely does this affect one's ability to drive, if you are worried about it, or normally have difficulty driving, you may have another person drop you off and pick you up for your session.  Uber and Lyft might also be reasonable options.

Finding My Office

My office is located in the same building as the AMC 10 Seattle Cinemas (formerly Sundance, and before that it was the Metro) in the University district.  It is just three streets East of the intersection of Interstate 5 and NE 45th Street (in University District / Wallingford area, just north of downtown Seattle).

Finding my office from the street

The entrance to my office is to the left of the Cinema's entrance, where you will see a glass entry with an elevator. Take the elevator up to the third floor. Directly in front of you when you step out of the elevator is the reception desk. My office is number 58, which is located down the first hallway on the left, and is the first office suite on the left.


Parking Information and parking Options

Visitors to the Business Center:

Visitors to the Business Center are eligible for one hour of free parking in the lot adjacent to the building on the north side. There is an open lot and a parking garage, entered from 47th. (By the corner of 9th and 47th.)

Qualified stalls are in the lot in front of “Academy for Precision Learning (APL)", or the top two levels of the parking structure, P2 & P3, in any unrestricted stall. (The basement level is for Trader Joe’s parking only.)

To register for the hour of free parking go to the pay station (next to stall #73) and follow the instructions below.

Parking for Those With a Disability:

For those with a Washington State Disabled Parking Privilege plate or placard, parking is available in the lot directly across the street, in any of the handicapped stalls. Parking is free with plate or placard displayed.

Pay parking in the lot directly across the street (9th):

Diamond Parking manages the pay lot directly across the street from the building. Payment can be made with a debit card, the Call to Park app, or a phone call.

For one (1) hour of free parking:

1. Press any button to turn on machine
2. Enter your license plate number
3. Press “OK”
4. Select option “5) More Selections…”
5. On the second screen select option “1) Biz Ctr - 1 hour free”
6. Enter validation number (4500)
7. Remove receipt from machine (Put it on your dash)

Parking Lot for Validation.png

Medical Insurance

I no longer provide direct billing of any insurance.  If your medical plan has out-of-network coverage for massage, I will provide upon request invoices and chart notes for you to submit to your insurance for direct reimbursement.  If you have a health savings account (HSA) or a flex spending account (FSA), consider taking advantage of these pre-tax benefits to pay for your session.





If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment because of sickness/COVID-19, please give me as much advance notice as possible.  There will be no charge.

For those people not sick, please give at least twenty-four hours advance notice if needing to cancel or reschedule.  Failure to do so will result in fees due for the full scheduled session time.

No-show Policy

If you fail to show for a scheduled appointment, it will result in fees due for the full scheduled session time.

Privacy Policy

Your information will be kept confidential. Information will only be shared with other health care providers for consults or coordination of care, or with the various agencies involved in payment reimbursement.

Inclement Weather Policy

If the weather makes it unsafe to travel, I will call and reschedule your appointment.  Notice will be provided on the front/home page of this website.  If you live in one of the "pocket" neighborhoods or streets, which tend to stay unsafe after most other areas have safe roads, please call and give me as much advanced notice as possible.  I want everyone to remain as safe as possible throughout bad weather.