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I am in the office and seeing people!

Please read about my new infection control measures, arrival protocol, and health screening.  These changes are in response to COVID-19, and are already implemented.


I need your help!

I'm looking for volunteers to receive free CST bodywork...

3 volunteers After May 12th.

I still need volunteers.  If you have any interest, please sign up!  I'll updated this message as the spots are filled.


I am in training this year (2021) for becoming a certified Craniosacral Therapist (CST).  I am half-way through the program, and as part of the training, I need to practice the new work.  That means I need bodies to practice on.  This is where you come in!  For all my existing clients, I would like to give you one CST session completely free.  You read that right.  I need the practice, and I'm sure you'll appreciate the work, the benefits, and the relaxation that it provides.  If you are a new client, then this offer is available to you after your first bodywork session.

To schedule your free CST appointment, simply use my online schedule to book an appointment (use the form below) as you normally do, and put "cranial" into the message box.  That helps me keep track of things on my end.

Thank you for your help and participating!

Scheduling an appointment

Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

You can use the online schedule below to make an appointment, up to six weeks from the current date.  If it shows "no availability" then my schedule is filled for the next six weeks.  To book an appointment further out, please contact me.

If you have any trouble making an appointment online, please call me at 206-234-9929.  Thank you!

Please be patient... it can take about ten seconds or so for my schedule to load on the page.

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