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Resources to help you with Self-care


  • Miracle balls - I like these balls due to their small size.  They fit well into the hips, and are useful on all sorts of body parts.

  • Thumbby - A unique silicone device that is supposed to mimic a thumb when used to press into your tissue.  I think this is useful for doing detail work on back, shoulders, and pelvis.

  • Davinci tool - I think this is the most useful for the neck up through the skull.  They say it can work all over, but I have found other tools to be more useful elsewhere.

  • Coregouse ball - A larger ball (8 1/2" in diameter) that has a thin skin on it, which is good for all large body parts.  I like this ball over the Yamuna ball of equal size.  This one inflates and deflates very easily with no tools.  Great for travel.

  • Yamuna balls - Yamuna supplies a number of different size balls from little (4" diameter) to big (12" diameter).  They also sell some other products too.  If you get a Yamuna ball, I recommend getting a very small hand pump for inflation and deflation.  I have most of the Yamuna balls, and I end up using the Gold ball most of the time.


  • Anatomy Trains - by Tom Myers.  This book brings forth the idea of longer connections of fascia through the body.  Tom proposes multiple chains which creates a comprehensive model, and another way of understanding the body.

  • The Endless Web - by R. Louis Schultz.  This book is one of those that I go back every few years or so, and read it again.  I find that as I continue in my career, I can understand the body at a more complex level.  Re-reading this book helps reconnect various concepts in a most simple and elegant way.  It's all about fascia, how pattern develops, and how that affects how we live in our bodies.

online - Articles, Organizations, and Websites

  • IASI - The International Association of Structural Integrators.  This is the professional association dedicated to Structural Integration.

  • Anatomy Trains Structural Integration - Branching off of Tom Myers book, Tom created a whole curriculum based off of the Anatomy Trains model.  This is the program in which I did my Structural Integration training.  You can read more about Fascia and Structural Integration here.

  • Is Sitting a Lethal Activity - A thought provoking article on sitting, especially since many people; sit all day long for work, sit in the car, and sit at home in the evening.  Originally published in the New York Times Magazine in April of 2011.

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