Treatment Massage provides medical massage therapy/therapeutic massage/structural bodywork and structural integration. We focus on restructuring the body toward creating pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and better body alignment. We're located just north of downtown Seattle, on the border of the University District and Wallingford neighborhoods.

If you're located outside of the Seattle area, but still want good information about how massage therapy and structural integration can help you, please feel free to continue reading. Hopefully you'll learn something new and gain a new perspective. 

If you are suffering from nagging pain, numbness, or injury, I can help you.  Make the choice to create a positive change! Treatment Massage for injury rehabilitation, pain reduction and elimination, and increased athletic performance works.

Treatment Massage specializes in medical massage therapy that is goal-oriented, result-based, corrective therapy. Putting THERAPY back into massage therapy, I focus on the following results for you:

  • Pain relief

  • Faster injury healing and rehabilitation

  • Correction of soft tissue dysfunction, including postural distortions and poor posture

  • Increased flexibility and range-of-motion


The work I provide is highly concentrated to your problem areas (or areas that contribute to, or perpetuate the problem).  By staying focused in this manner, we are able to maximize the results from our sessions, and minimize the time that you need therapy.  We are working to help you heal completely, and finish therapy as quickly as possible.

You want to be pain free, healthy, and active... I want to help you toward your goal. Schedule online now to stop the pain and start healing!