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Injury and Surgery Healing

Injury and Pre-/Post-Surgery

Whether you are recovering from surgery, or from an acute injury... the goals are similar. You will be dealing with:

  • Inflammation

  • Formation of adhesions (i.e. sticky bonds in and between tissues)

  • Reduced range of motion

  • Scar Tissue formation

  • Pain


Typically, most people end up taking pain-killers, muscle relaxers, and greatly reducing activity overall... especially in the injured part. The body is designed to move. Moving the body creates a pumping action, which increases circulation of both blood and elimination of waste products.  Movement also helps to prevent tissue atrophy and prevents the development of adhesions (i.e. sticky bonds).  While scar tissue is forming, movement helps the scar tissue develop in a way that is more expanded: because of this, it forms more in line with your normal movement patterns. This normal healing process that the body uses can be enhanced by structural bodywork.

Structural bodywork for injury healing and surgery rehabilitation is focused on:

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Preventing adhesions from forming

  • Regaining or preventing loss of normal range of motion

  • Remolding scar tissue as it forms to prevent future restrictions

  • Reducing pain by keeping tissue soft and mobile.


There is no reason to let your healing process drag on. Treatment massage and Structural Integration will help you heal more quickly and get you back to doing the things in life you enjoy. And since doing the things you enjoy is what life is all about, why delay? Accelerate your healing by making an appointment today.

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